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Were you sexually harassed? 

Without a doubt, we know that being sexually harassed is wrong. As employment attorneys in California, we understand what you're going through and how we can help you.

If you believe that you've been sexually harassed at your workplace, then call us now to discuss what legal action you can take.

What is sexual harassment?

To put it simply, sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual advance, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, and actions that create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment based on an employee’s sex.

Your employers have the responsibility to prevent sexual harassment, but to determine whether you have a case, the sexual harassment needs to meet at least one of these two criteria:


The courts will look at the severity of the sexual misconduct. Acts there are severe are things such as groping, threats of sexual violence, and threats of termination if you reject your employer's sexual advances.


For acts of sexual misconduct that are less severe, such as offensive jokes, slurs, or ridicule need to happen frequently. Unfortunately, someone saying something inappropriate once is not enough. If it is pervasive enough to create a hostile environment, then your employers have a responsibility to put and end to it or face legal action.

Have your rights been violated?Connect with us.

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I was sexually harassed.

What can I do about it?

If you've been sexually harassed at work, then call us now.

We are an employment law firm based in Santa Ana, CA. We are here to support the workers of Santa Ana that have been sexually harassed at work.

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