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Attorney Corey Hall With Litigation Director Anthony Abbey

Corey Hall

On top of being an Employment Lawyer, Corey Hall is also a true trial lawyer. He already has more trial experience than most senior partners. This is important because his willingness to go to trial increases your chances for a great result. Corey isn’t afraid to reject bad offers, and he can’t be bullied by other companies. Additionally, trial inexperience makes most attorneys afraid to take a case to trial and these attorneys may advise their clients to accept a low-ball deal because they want to avoid their fear of trial. In other words, they sell their client short because they aren’t confident in their ability in the courtroom.

This could not be more different from Corey. He loves trial and pours everything he has into his clients’ cases. Whether you prefer to settle your case before trial, or have your day in court, having a true trial lawyer like Corey by your side will make all the difference.

Founder and Trial Attorney


About Us

Our team of litigators and legal support staff are here to ensure that you receive the highest amount of compensation possible.

Attorney Corey Hall With Litigation Director Anthony Abbey
Litigation Director Anthony Abbey

Anthony Abbey

Anthony Abbey is our Litigation Director. After earning his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley and his J.D. at Chapman University Fowler School of Law, he found a home in the field of Employment Law. Anthony’s passion is developing case theory, strategy, and legal arguments.

Litigation Director

HLG Team
Senior Legal Assistant Ashley Ramirez

Ashley Ramirez

Ashley Ramirez, Senior Legal Assistant. Servicing clients in both English and Spanish, she has committed herself to giving a voice to those who deserve justice. Ashley is currently working towards becoming a paralegal strengthening her skills in advocating for her clients.


HLG Attorneys with Susan Leedy

Susan Leedy

Susan Leedy is our Discovery Coordinator who has dedicated her life to a career in advocacy, first in a medical setting, then in a legal setting. She now enjoys the best of both worlds, not only by assisting with the litigation process, but in advocating for clients as they concurrently navigate their way
through both the legal and health care systems.


The greatest asset she provides to the clients as well as the attorneys is 22 years of hands-on, real-world experience in patient care. Before changing career paths from nursing to the legal field, she worked as a registered nurse in a variety of settings and roles.

Susan received her Bachelor in Science in Nursing at CSU Bakersfield.


What lights our fire?

We are Orange County's most aggressive plaintiff's Employment Law Firm. We are here to fight for the employees and workers of Orange County. Learn more about us before you call us to fight against your bad employer.

Daniel Rodriguez

Along with a bubbly personality, Daniel also brings fresh direction to our firm. Daniel has held leadership roles across multiple industries in both the private and public sector.


Daniel is also passionate about Employment Law and is a strong proponent of "Your Employer Sucks."His aim is to provide our firm with the necessary infrastructure to increase our ability to serve the people of Santa Ana and the greater Orange County Area.

Director of Operations

Stephan Brown

As the Managing Partner of Hall Law Group, Stephan is dedicated to providing the highest level of legal representation to all clients. His legal acumen spans the practice areas of employment law and beyond.

Stephan was born in Sacramento and grew up nearby in Solano County. Away from work, his favorite place to be is with his wife and daughter at their home in Granite Bay. He is an avid sports fan who proudly roots for the Giants and the Warriors and enjoys golfing whenever time permits.

Managing Partner

Chase Cameron

Chase Cameron has been a life-long learner and recently obtained his J.D. He comes from a family of attorneys and grew up learning, respecting, and loving the practice of law. Chase is excited to learn employment law and train as an employment attorney under supervising attorneys Corey Hall, Stephan Brown, and Daniel Griffin.

When not working, Chase enjoys spending time with his wife. He enjoys exercising, mountain biking, and rock climbing in his spare time.


Neil Bhartia

Neil Bhartia is built different. He isn't the typical stuffy attorney that you see on TV or billboards. Neil is an altruist and will not see you as a number, he'll take a personal interest in your case. As an empath, Neil understands that people that seek legal help are typically in an involuntary, and stressful situation, and he goes out of his way to diffuse the stress and educate clients on each every detail of the legal process.

Neil grew up in a small town in Canada and has worked throughout a variety of industries, including education, international trade, high-tech, and defense. His deep knowledge outside of law translates into a special ability to analyze, foresee, and problem solve, thereby maximizing results for his clients. Also known as “Mr. International”, Neil speaks Spanish and French fluently so don’t hesitate to reach out to him even if English isn’t your native tongue.


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