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Joshua - Wrongful Termination

Corey Hall is an Incredible Attorney who assisted me when I was in fear of my Employer wrongfully terminating me as they attempted to use as a scare tactic. He was very attentive and available to answer my questions and explained the law and was willing to walk me through each question I had. Since then I have recommended him to a friend of mine who was also encountering issues with their employer. I now have no doubt or worry for the time being and can focus on continuing my work production as I search for another opportunity for employment. Thank You Corey Hall

Mary - Unpaid Wages

Excellent Attorney-highly recommend – This review based on my first-hand experience with Corey Hall. Corey is an excellent attorney who shows professionalism, compassion and knowledge of his field. I cannot recommend him enough for what he accomplished for me. Mr. Hall vigorously represented me for my wage case and settled an outcome that exceeded my expectations.

Larry - Unpaid Wages

Back Pay Owed – Corey did a great job representing me regarding my prior employer and back pay owed. His communication with me was clear and concise, he gave me the details I needed regarding moving forward in pursuing action. His representation and communication with my prior employer was the key to my settlement. In the end he won a very fair settlement on my behalf. I would highly recommend Corey Hall.

What do our clients say?

We don't settle for the first offer made.

At Hall Law Group, our employment lawyers fight until we get you the compensation and justice that you deserve.​

Let our happy clients tell you themselves!

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Hablamos Español y Mas.

Luchamos para ti cuando su empleador le maltrata.

En los casos en que la conducta del empleador es una violación de la ley, usted tiene el derecho absoluto de enfrentarse a su empleador.

​Para ello, necesita un abogado empleado con la experiencia y los recursos necesarios para luchar por usted. 

Your employer sucks.

Learn why.

Read our blog to keep up with the latest in California Labor Laws.

Learn what your rights are as employees in California and learn what are some common and uncommon violations that your employers are guilty of.

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Meet our staff.

If you're facing an employment dispute, look no further. Our team of skilled employment attorneys are dedicated to fighting for your rights and securing the best possible outcome for your case. With a compassionate and supportive team by your side, you can trust that we'll be with you every step of the way as we navigate the legal process together. Let us fight for you and get the compensation you deserve.

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Watch and Learn.

We're more than just an employment law firm based in Orange County. Our employment lawyers are also educators. We want to educate you on your rights as an employee in California. 

Check out our videos to learn about your rights or to learn about the process of your lawsuit.

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Get representation in both Northern California and Southern California

Our employment law firm has offices in Northern California and Southern California. 

Our team works together across both offices to provide you with as much legal support as possible. 

Reach out to us if you need representation by an employment attorney.

Our areas of expertise.

Wrongful termination in California refers to an unlawful firing or discharge of an employee by an employer. This means that the termination is in violation of federal or state laws, such as discrimination laws, retaliation laws, or breach of contract.

Wrongful termination

Whistleblowing refers to the act of reporting illegal or unethical behavior within an organization. According to California labor laws, employees are protected from retaliation for reporting such behavior and employers are prohibited from taking adverse action against whistleblowers.


The California Labor Code establishes clear guidelines regarding reasonable accommodations for employees, ensuring their rights are protected. Employers who fail to comply with these accommodation standards can face consequences such as liability for damages, including penalties and the provision of necessary accommodations.

Retaliation for reasonable accommodations.

Have your rights been violated?
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Your employer sucks.
Hold them accountable.

Are you an employee in California that has been retaliated against and need an experienced employment lawyer to fight for your rights? Look no further than our California employment law firm. Our team of dedicated trial attorneys is here to help you if your employer has violated the law and left you suffering. We won't let them get away with it.

With a proven track record of success, we have helped numerous clients in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Sacramento recover millions in compensation. Trust our California employment law trial attorneys to be your advocates and secure the justice you deserve in your employment dispute. Don't wait, contact our California employment law firm today for experienced legal representation tailored to your needs.

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Hold your employers accountable.

Hall Law Group:

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Your employer:

Violates your rights.

Retaliates against you.

Doesn't accommodate you.

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