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Your employer cannot retaliate against you for taking or requesting a CFRA leave of absence.

If you’ve recently returned from CFRA leave after recovering from an injury or illness and are now facing attacks on your work performance despite never being disciplined before? You may be feeling the effects of retaliation for taking protected CFRA leave.

You have the right to take a CFRA leave of absence.

Your employer cannot prevent you from exercising your right to take a protected CFRA leave of absence. California law also protects you against retaliation from your employer for taking or requesting leave. This means that you can’t face an adverse employment action such as demotions, disciplinary actions, or termination. Doing so is retaliatory and illegal.

You’re also protected if you have to care for someone else

California law allows employees to take a CFRA leave of absence to care for others. You may take time off to care for your child, spouse, or parent if they have a serious health condition.

What should I do if my employer has retaliated against me for taking or requesting a CFRA leave of absence?

If you’ve been terminated or your leave has been denied, but you must take a leave of absence, you should call an attorney immediately. You may be entitled to economic damages such as lost wages and non-economic damages such as damages due to emotional distress.

Contact an experienced employment trial attorney.

California laws grant employees the right to sue their employers for retaliation. We will file your complaint with DFEH to obtain the right to sue your employer, then we will file your lawsuit with the courts. If you've been a victim of retaliation for opposing discrimination, then call us to discuss your case. Our team of employment trial attorneys is ready to take your call and fight for you.

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