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California Protects Whistleblowers

What is whistleblowing?

Simply put, a whistleblower is an employee that reports their employer for committing a wrongdoing such as violating of a state or federal statute, being in violation or noncompliance with a local, state or federal rule or regulation, or by creating an unsafe working conditions or work practices in the employee’s employment or place of employment.

Are whistleblowers protected by law?

Yes, whistleblowers are protected by federal and state law. California protects whistleblowers. If you believe that your employer is in violation of the law, then you have every right to report them and face zero retaliation.

Who is protected by California whistleblower laws?

California whistleblower protection laws protect employees across a wide array of situations. California whistleblower protection laws would protect:

  • An employee who reports suspected criminal activity by their employer to the authorities

  • Employees that report violations to their supervisors or to someone within the company that can investigate the complaint.

  • Employees that report their employer for violating wage and hour laws to the DIR

  • An employee who reports unsafe work conditions to CalOSHA.

What kinds of protections do whistleblowers have?

California whistleblower protection laws prohibit employers from retaliating against employees that have reported them.

How do employers retaliate against whistleblowers?

There are various ways that employers retaliate against employees that have reported their violations. A severe form of workplace retaliation is termination. In this instance this would constitute wrongful termination. A less severe, but just as damaging form of retaliation is demotion or the denial of advancement opportunities.

What if my employer retaliates against me for whistleblowing?

California whistleblower protection laws grant employees the right to sue their employers if they are retaliated against for whistleblowing. If you've been a victim of retaliation for whistleblowing, then call us immediately to discuss your case. Our team of employment attorneys are ready to take your call and fight for you.

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