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¿Qué hacen nuestros  dicen los clientes?

No nos conformamos con la primera oferta que se hace.

En Hall Law Group, luchamos hasta que obtengamos la compensación y la justicia que se merece.

¡Deje que nuestros felices clientes le cuenten ellos mismos!

"more than 5 stars" - Wrongful Termination

“Outstanding Attorney I would recommend to anyone. Corey was assigned to my wrongful termination case. He was very knowledgeable. What stood out to me most was his professionalism in the depositions. He was very clever, and very easily understood the nuances of my industry specific regulations. If I could I would give Corey and his team more than 5 stars. He deserves it. He eased the stress of a very stressful time for me by always being available to any questions i had regarding my case.”

- Chris

"no doubt or worry" - Wrongful Termination

“Corey Hall is an Incredible Attorney who assisted me when I was in fear of my Employer wrongfully terminating me as they attempted to use as a scare tactic. He was very attentive and available to answer my questions and explained the law and was willing to walk me through each question I had. Since then I have recommended him to a friend of mine who was also encountering issues with their employer. I now have no doubt or worry for the time being and can focus on continuing my work production as I search for another opportunity for employment. Thank You Corey Hall”

- Joshua

"vigorously represented me" - unpaid wages

“Excellent Attorney-highly recommend – This review based on my first-hand experience with Corey Hall. Corey is an excellent attorney who shows professionalism, compassion and knowledge of his field. I cannot recommend him enough for what he accomplished for me. Mr. Hall vigorously represented me for my wage case and settled an outcome that exceeded my expectations”

- Mary

"the key to my settlement" - Unpaid wages

“Back Pay Owed – Corey did a great job representing me regarding my prior employer and back pay owed. His communication with me was clear and concise, he gave me the details I needed regarding moving forward in pursuing action. His representation and communication with my prior employer was the key to my settlement. In the end he won a very fair settlement on my behalf. I would highly recommend Corey Hall.”

- Larry

"my best decision"

"Hiring Corey was My Best Decision! – When I met Corey, I was taken aback by his kindness and aggressive litigation advocacy for his clients. Corey was the only attorney I met with who treated me as a person instead of a number. I was impressed with his intelligence in creating winning case strategy and I knew immediately that he would easily wipe the floor with anyone daring to take on a court case against him! He was always miles ahead of the opposition and throughout my case, he was always honest with me and personally answered my calls to make sure I was OK. Corey cared about my case as if my case was his own. During our first meeting, he told me in no uncertain terms that my case needed immediate legal attention or else, I would lose my legal rights due to the mishandling of my case by a previous law firm. There was no lawsuit filed for my case and he told me that I had precisely seven days to either file a lawsuit or forgo my legal rights since my case was reaching the statute of limitation. Taking on my case meant taking on the stress of a previously mishandled case dangerously close to statute of limitation deadline, but Corey chose to take on my case because he believed in me. He worked relentlessly to get my case on the right track. Corey’s aggressive fight for my case led to a settlement of more than twice the projected monetary outcome! Corey meticulously studies each case and remembers intricate details that most attorneys overlook. He is incredibly smart, and he has an understanding of the law that far surpasses others in his field. In the years that it took to resolve my case, I was able to see the kind of person Corey is both within and outside of a courtroom. Corey is fiercely loyal and deeply protective of his client’s trust in him to win their cases. Corey is a thoughtful and good-hearted person. Corey always made me feel safe and he always made decisions in my case with my best interest in mind. To this day, I know that I was lucky to find Corey. Do not limit your case or your settlement, call Corey and give yourself the best legal advocacy money can buy!"

- Neda

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