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The Hall Law Group – Fighting for Victims of Employment Issues and Personal Injury in Santa Ana, CA

The Hall Law Group was founded to champion employee rights, challenge discriminatory or unsafe practices, and advocate for victims of personal injury here in Santa Ana, California, and the surrounding area. Attorney Corey Hall and our firm’s legal team are committed to giving our clients a voice and maximizing their damages. Through our extensive litigation experience, we provide top legal representation for those who’ve been wronged.

Employment Law

At The Hall Law Group, we believe every single employee has the right to work in an environment that prioritizes their physical and mental wellbeing. For that reason, our employment law attorney advocates for workers’ rights. If you have experienced discrimination based on your race, religion, disability, etc. or if you’ve been exposed to unsafe practices at your place of employment, attorney Corey Hall will hold your employers accountable. Our wage & hour violation lawyer has successfully pursued employment cases ranging from discrimination to wage violations to whistleblowing for the workers of Santa Ana, CA.

If you believe you have been fired or laid off from your job for an illegal reason, our wrong termination lawyer can help you determine whether your claim merits legal action.

You may be eligible for damages in the form of lost wages and benefits, back pay, compensation for emotional distress, attorney’s fees, and even punitive damages for willful wrongdoing on behalf of your employer. To win your case, you’ll have to show your employer violated federal or state law.

Sexual harassment in the workplace has garnered a great deal of media attention lately and remains an unfortunately common source of hostile work environments. Employment lawyers know all too well that sexual harassment can seriously impact an employee’s emotional and mental health. You may be a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace if you’ve experienced unwelcome sexual advances or physical contact of an inappropriate nature, requests for sexual favors, or offensive sexual comments. At The Hall Law Group, we understand that coming forward after you’ve been subjected to harassment can be very difficult. Our sexual harassment lawyer is committed to emotionally supporting you through your case, maximizing your potential damages, and treating you with the utmost respect and discretion.

You spend too much of your life on the job to suffer unsafe conditions or a toxic work environment that ignores your rights as a California worker. No matter your legal needs, our employment attorneys are here to help you assert your rights and protect you from harm or discrimination.

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Personal Injury

Preventable accidents happen on and off the job every day here in California due to negligence. If you’ve been injured and someone else is at fault, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to evaluate your case and help you seek the damages you’re entitled to as a victim. You could be eligible to receive compensation in the form of medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

At The Hall Law Group, we’ve successfully represented plaintiffs in cases ranging from car accidents to premise liability. Our slip and fall lawyer Corey Hall knows how easy it is for an accident to happen while you’re out and about due to negligence on behalf of store employees.

Should that happen to you or a loved one, you need an attorney to pursue aggressive legal action and a favorable resolution. If we can’t reach a successful settlement with the other party’s insurance company, then we turn to our extensive courtroom experience and ample resources to litigate your case.

If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligent behavior, we can help you hold the other person responsible. Nothing we can do will erase the pain caused by your accident, but we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping you rebuild your life after a personal tragedy.

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Corey Halls Holds Those Who Are Discriminatory and Negligent Accountable

Even though our world is evolving daily to become safer and more accepting, it’s an unfortunate fact that some individuals and companies still engage in discrimination, harassment, and negligence. If you’ve been made a victim of an employment issue or personal injury here in Santa Ana, CA, our seasoned attorneys can help you seek the compensation you deserve. We have extensive experience in litigation, mediation, and arbitration.

The Hall Law Group would be proud to represent you in your labor and employment issue or personal injury case. We seek to understand each of our clients on a personal level and make ourselves accessible to their questions or concerns throughout their case. We begin every consultation by focusing on how our work can impact your life and improve your current circumstances.

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